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11 Travel tips you need to know

Travelling without the proper planning can be painful and an experience you want to forget. That’s why it is always good to plan ahead, and set your mind in traveling preparedness mode. Below you will find a short list of the most common tips and tricks you need to know about traveling solo or in a group setting.

1 - Have a small medical kit handy with you

Especially if you are going for camping in the desert / mountains, or hiking in the Atlas region. Accidents do happen, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

2 - Local cuisine

Get to know Moroccan food, and what is popular here. Some people might be allergic to certain food or ingredients, So knowing local food will help you eat healthy. Always try to eat something new, this is part of traveling and trying new things. Make your experience count!.

3 - Always have with you extra towels

Travelling often requires you to do a lot of walking and navigation between various sights and markets. Marrakech and south of Morocco are particularly hot. So have an extra towel handy!

4 - Get a travel light weighted backpack

This will become handy when you go to the desert, or decide to do some trekking and hiking in the mountains. For me , I would prefer to carry a light backpack with me all the time, especially to keep important docs / paper / money, and medical kit. Don’t forget to pack light to avoid back pain.

5 - Take with you plenty of socks and underwear

It doesn’t hurt to have enough of that, particularity if you are spending a good amount of time walking, trekking, fishing…etc.

6 - Take additional credit card

In addition to having a primary credit card, be sure to carry with you additional credit card as a backup. Furthermore, ensure to have with you extra cash, as many small places and markets still uses cash as the only method of payment.

7 - Try to get lost with a purpose

Adding some excitement to your travel journey, navigating through the narrow street of the old medina can be adventurous, So instead of constantly looking at the map and trying to figure out where you are and where you need to go, try to get loose a bit, and enjoy the good walk in an organic and spontaneous way. But don’t get too far (measure your steps!).

8 - Make extra copies of important documents

As a safety measure, make sure to have copies of everything you have as far as travel docs and important docs concerns. For me, I like to have copies of what I have in my wallet. Thus, if for whatever reason I lost my wallet, I will know exactly what I lost and who to contact.

9 - Know or learn common local words and local currency conversion.

Try to have a list of sentences to say in Moroccan dialects, like where is nearby restaurant, bus, taxi, airport, hotel…etc. Also make sure to know the currency conversion against your country currency, that way you will have better control of your travel expenses and budget.

10 - Get to know your destination before you physically know it

Take a history lesson by knowing Morocco’s past and culture. This will give you a sense of appreciation and purpose added to your trip.

11 - Morocco public holidays and festivals

This is part of the trip planning. Knowing the holidays in Morocco will help you understand possible places that will be crowded, or less crowded, thus, you will be able to navigate your destinations with some of ease.