Visiting Beni Mellal

Beni Mellal

Beni Mellah is a modern city located in the western center of Morocco, between Middle Atlas mountains and the plain of Tadla. This mountain city has a population just under 200k. It sits on a crossroad between two major imperial cities: Marrakech and Fes, which makes it a strategic and an important hub for business and tourists. The city is accessible via transportation (Car, Bus, Taxi, train), and it even has an airport. Casablanca and Marrakech are the closed major cities to it.

  • Casablanca -> Beni Mellal: 220 km (~2h drive)
  • Marrakech -> Beni Mellal: 193 km (~2h 30m drive)
  • Fes -> Beni Mellal: 285k (~4h 20m drive)
Ain assardoun
What makes Beni Mellal a tourist destination in Morocco

Beni Mellal has a number of tourist attractions that are connected to. But perhaps the one attraction that is associated with the most is Ein Asardon. The beauty of Ein Asardon is dated in some respects to the mixing of Arabs and Amazighs. This cultural fusion is reflected in the architecture of gardens that extends from the spring of Ain Asardon to its surroundings.

Ein Asardon: A unique tourist resort that combines the beauty of nature and history, This attraction has become a national heritage since 1947. The gardens are a replica of the Andalusian gardens with fig trees, olives and pomegranates lighting up the place.

Other attractions to see:

Cape of the eye: a huge building made of natural stones. The Kasbah is only a short walk away from Ein Aserdun. Its location enables you to have a panoramic view of the orange and olive groves from above.

Beni Mellal

Kasbah Zaidan: Also called the Kasbah Amairiya, was built in 1584 by Sultan Zaidan bin Ahmed Al Mansour dahabbi and was a security headquarter that controls the southern half of Morocco at that time. It was seen as a symbol of regional power.

Kasbah Balakush: It was built by Mawla Isma'il in the 19th century, it had a central role in protecting the city, its location enables visitors to have a picture perfect view of Beni Mellal and the surrounding.

Bin-El Waidan Dam: Not that far from Beni Mellal, This dam is the considered the highest arch dam in African, and the largest in Morocco when it comes to electricity production. This dam has a variety of fish, and it is open to everyone for fishing, this can be a good outdoor activity to entertain while visiting the town and its surroundings.

Bin elwaidan

Ozud Falls: Located in the neighboring city of Azilal, about an hour drive from the city of Beni Mellal, this town is known for its magestic waterfall, and beautiful nature.