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Common questions about traveling to Morocco

This is a list of the most asked questions about traveling in general and traveling to Morocco in particular. The answers are based on years of experience traveling various parts of Morocco, as well as other parts of the world. If you have any additional questions or comments that you think will be helpful for all, please feel free to share it with us.

Is Morocco safe to travel?

Yes, Morocco is absolutely a safe place to visit. During the Arab spring period, there were a number of countries that were unstable, Morocco was fortunate to pass that period without been affected by. Having said that, it is always good to exert some cautiousness while traveling to Morocco or any country for that matter.

Do I need to speak Arabic, local Moroccan language?

You do not need to speak local language which is Arabic. Most people especially around major tourists hot spots speak English, French, and Spanish. Those are the common foreign language used in the airports, hotels, resorts, tourists places. But it will be good to know some basic words and sentences, like "how to get to.., where this place is, how much is this...etc".

Can women travel alone in Morocco?

Yes, women can travel alone to Morocco. I have read many articles and blogs about women going solo in Morocco. So it is safe for women to travel, and there are plenty of tour guides and transportation that will help ease the traveling experience for all.

Is Morocco strictly conservative?

Morocco is a moderate conservative country. You will see many locals observe their religion, women dress in headscarf, people attend the daily prayer at the mosque…etc. This should not scare you at all, the hospitality in Morocco is well known, and people are generally friendly; Furthermore, tourism is a good source of income for many, as well as good boost for local economy.

Do I need visa to travel to Morocco?

Most western countries like countries in Europe as well as Canada, USA don’t need a visa to come to Morocco. Other countries would need a tourist visa to come. Please contact the consulate of Morocco at your country to get more information. Also make sure to have a valid passport with validity up to 6 months before entering Morocco.

What do I need to take with me on my trip?

Travel documents like valid Passport, ID, credit card, some cash (preferrably Euros or dollars) Medical kit (nice to have), backpack, a mobile phone. Sunglasess / sunscreen...etc

What is the local language of Morocco?

Morocco’s official language is Arabic, with French being a secondary language that is widely used in business and schools. There is a good percentage of people in the north that speak Spanish. English is gaining popularity among adults, and used frequently in major tourist hot spots like Marrakech.

What are the best places to visit in Morocco?

Morocco is a diverse country in terms of people, culture and nature. If you are a desert lover then Merzouga and Zagora are among the most popular desert destination to visit. If you are into camping or love mountain trekking, then Atlas region is your place to be. For more information about places to visit in morocco, please check Places to go page.

What is the local food?

Couscous is the number one meal in Morocco, in addition to that, make sure not to miss Morocco mint tea, Hariria, and Pastila. There is a wide variety of food here that would meet your tastes as well as any dietary restriction you may have.

Do I need traveler insurance?

This is not required, but nice to have. There are many companies that offer that worldwide, look at your options and the different plans they have, and choose what fits your situation best.

Can I use my phone in Morocco?

If your phone plan includes international (Morocco), then you should be able to use your phone without issues, you may also buy Morocco SIM card, it will include Morocco phone number, and you will be able to use it to call your hotel, or any local numbers (cost is around $2 per card).

Where can I exchange money to local one?

Morocco currency is not a traded currency. Thus, you will not be able to find it at your country. It is recommended when you land in Morocco to look for an exchange office, they are available in the airports, and towns centers.