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Morocco has been one of the top tourist destinations in Africa for many years. Its strategic location, Mediterranean weather, and rich culture and history have made Morocco an ideal place to visit. Morocco has two coast lines: Mediterranean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. Many resorts and luxury hotels are located along the coast. In recent years, Morocco has gone under a major development that is geared toward improving the tourism infrastructure and creates a welcoming environment and atmosphere for visitors. The travel videos provided below shows a list of the top places to visit in Morocco!

MARRACKECH - a walk from "Jamaa el Fna" to the souk

  • South of the Atlas mountains.
  • Very hot summer and a cold winter.
  • Jama Lafna, Kotobia Mosque, Menara.
  • Surrounded by desert to the south and mountains to the north.

CHEFCHAOUEN - The blue shaded buildings

  • Located north west of Morocco.
  • Hot summer and mild to cold winter.
  • Chaouen has a unique blue-rinsed houses and buildings.
  • Mountain town.

AGADIR - from 1960 to nowadays

  • West of Morocco.
  • wWrm summer and mild winter.
  • Agadir has some of the best beaches in the country.
  • Atlantic seaside town.

FEZ - UNESCO World heritage site

  • North central of Morocco.
  • Very hot summer and mild to cold winter.
  • Medieval walls, oldest university in the world (Karawin).
  • Surrounded by montains.

Asilah - Peaceful and quiet seaside town

  • Northwest of Morocco.
  • Warm to mild summer and mild winter.
  • It hosts the Annual Music and Arts Festival.
  • Coastal city.

Saidia - The blue pearl of the Mediterranean sea

  • Northeast of Morocco.
  • Warm to mild summer and mild winter.
  • It hosts the Annual Rai Music and Festival.
  • Mediterranean city.

Tetouan - a Moorish town with strong tradition

  • Northwest of Morocco.
  • Warm to cool weather most of the year.
  • The medina (old town) is on the "UNESCO" World Heritage List
  • Coastal city.

Merzouga - Famous for its sweet dates and desert landscape

  • Southeast of Morocco.
  • Warm to very hot weather most of the year.
  • Oasis, sahara desert
  • Desert.

Ouarzazate - Nicknamed "the door of the desert"

  • South of the Atlas mountain
  • Very hot summer and cold winter
  • The kasbah-town of Aït Benhaddou, Sahara desert.
  • Desert.

Casablanca - Morocco's biggest city

  • West of Morocco.
  • Warm to mild summer and mild winter.
  • Hassan II mosque, Moroccan Mall
  • Coastal city.

Rabat - The capital of Morocco with rich history

  • West of Morocco.
  • Warm to mild summer and mild winter.
  • Hassan, Kasbat lawdaya
  • Coastal city.

Ifrane - a mountain town with beautiful nature

  • in the middle of high atlas mountain
  • Warm summer and cold winter
  • Lakes, ski resort, cedar forest
  • Mountain town

Meknes - an imperial city!

  • North of Morocco.
  • Warm to hot summer and mild winter.
  • Imperial walls, Medieval palaces.
  • Plateau.

Morocco Festivals & Holidays Calendar
<March 2019>


International Festival of Nomads

- Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Based in small village of M’hamid el ghislane, features music, exhibitions, conferences, and handicraft displays. The festival starts in March 3rd and ends in March 8th.

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