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Top Mountain Attractions in Morocco

From the Sahara to high mountainous ranges, Morocco has everything a tourist can ask for. If you are looking to enjoy the upcoming holidays, then you can relish on a visit to this part of Africa. Exciting activities await you, and you have to be on your toes in connection to selecting a tourist destination to enjoy your holidays in an ideal manner. Tourism in Morocco has come of age in the recent past, and owing to the wide variety of tourist locations on offer, a trip to Morocco has become the real deal these days.

Ouirgane Village

With the beautiful restaurants, Ouirgane is a village located in the Atlas Mountains. If adventure and thrill is your ballgame, then a visit to this place can be ideal for you. Beautiful and stunning natural beauty on offer can make any tourist spell bounded. Located in the southwest of Marrakech, this village is located in almost the midst of the Atlas mountain range. Walking and trekking in the village is the primary focus of the tourists. One of the tracks located in the area leads to the National Park located in Ouirgane. While trekking in the area, the local animals and plants enhance the beauty of the region. If you are looking for the best place for Atlas mountain hiking, then Ouirgane has to be the primary choice for you.
Chebbi Dunes

Ouirgane Valley


If you are a professional skier, or have the passion for skiing, then Oukaimeden is rated as the best destination for you in the entire region. The Oukaimeden ski resort is perfect for families and individuals looking for a perfect mountainous thrill and adventure. Being Africa’s highest skiing resort, it has all the basic ingredients required to become good at skiing, and the top class restaurants make this resort a must visit for everyone looking for an experience of a lifetime. With a height of 2,600m, this ski resort has become the ultimate ski destination of every tourist visiting this part of Morocco.
Majorelle Garden

Oukaimeden (Atlas Mountains)


If you are planning a trip to northwest of Morocco; then ensure you do not miss out on an exciting and thrilling trip to Chefchauen. The city, being the most notable in the province, has become a primary tourist destination. Located in the high altitude mountains, Chefchaouen provides many activities to tourists who are visiting this town. Some of the activities that you can do while here include mountain hiking, mountain camping, walking in and around the old medina that is known for its blue glazed homes and buildings. Other attractions include:

Kasbah Fortress

If you are looking for the perfect blend of architectural and natural beauty, then Kasbah fortress has to be your ultimate destination. The beautiful gardens located in the region can prove to be a treat for every tourist visiting this mountainous part of Morocco.
Cascades Ouzoud

Chaouen - Village center

La Lampe Restaurant

The magical and breathtaking views make this restaurant a treat for tourists. Great food coupled with an intriguing atmosphere is the hallmark of this restaurant. You can make an online reservation to this restaurant to enjoy the multiple options on offer. Above-mentioned are among the top Chefchaouen attractions, which can hook any tourist for hours.
Cascades Ouzoud

La Lampe Restaurant - Chaouen


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International Festival of Nomads

- Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Based in small village of M’hamid el ghislane, features music, exhibitions, conferences, and handicraft displays. The festival starts in March 3rd and ends in March 8th.

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