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Merzouga, Morocco: Discover this Top Desert Destination

Travelers who want to experience the beauty of the Sahara Desert should look no further than Merzouga, Morocco. This top desert destination offers visitors a once in a life time experience in this magical landscape of impressive dunes of constant changing color, transformed in the sunlight from hues of coral to gold and fiery red.
Merzouga is the gateway to this spectacular oasis, where visitors can ride camels through the dunes and taste Berber food while spending peaceful nights in tents and gazing at the star-filled sky.

Camel rides

The most popular activity for those who visit Merzouga, is camel trekking. Explore the dunes of Merzouga on the back of a camel in this ocean of Saharan sand, taking an incredible journey on a sunrise or sunset tour filled with picture-perfect photo opportunities.
Trips can be taken from two hours to several days or even weeks, giving travelers an opportunity to experience the Sahara Desert in a unique and fascinating way that will be remembered for a lifetime.
Merzouga Camel Ride

Merzouga - Camel ride

Desert camping

The more adventurous, and even the not-so-adventurous, should consider desert camping by spending a night or two in the desert on a variety of tours. Travelers can take a trek to an oasis in the dunes, stopping to lunch with nomads by day and spending an evening with a Berber family one night while the next night enjoying authentic spicy Berber tagine prepared over an open fire and staring into the clear night filled with intensely shining stars.
Merzouga Desert Camping

Merzouga - Desert camping

Other options for desert exploring

  • Jeep tours: If riding atop a camel doesn’t sound like it’s for you, excursions by jeep are also available, allowing you to experience many of the historical sites and attractions with guides who are knowledgeable and take the time to help you get to know the local culture and amazing people who live here.
  • Quad-biking is another fun and exciting way to explore this incredible landscape, with options for three-hour to several day trips that include accommodations and cuisine.
  • Soaring above the desert in a hot-air balloon provides an amazing adventure above the dune, where you’ll soar with the birds and culminate your journey with an authentic Moroccan mint tea.
  • Sand-skiing or sand boarding is an excellent option for thrill seekers. Sliding atop the massive dunes presents an unforgettable and rare experience, and many local hotels in Merzouga and outfitters offer equipment for those who would like to try it.
Merzouga Desert at night

Merzouga - Desert at night



Jessica M
Monday, November 12, 2012 at 7:13:36 AM
What a lovely place. The desert life display authenticity and calm. sitting at night and stirring at the stars with an absolute calm is certainly a great experience

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