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New Year celebration in Marrakech, Morocco

The New Year should be celebrated with passion, exclusiveness and merrymaking. The beautiful and rich historical city of Marrakech is one of the best places to start your year. There are various options one can turn to; either set off on a journey through the desert to the neighboring cities like Ouarzazate or vice versa. One fact remains, there is so much to do and see in Marrakech than any other places in Morocco.


Even though many Moroccans retreat to their homes on the New Year’s Eve, another group, comprising mostly of tourists and the city dwellers excitedly celebrates the New Year in Marrakech in style. Those who happen to pitch up tents outside the city and keep vigil under camp fires and illumination from the stars and the moon celebrate by dancing round the camp fires, wishing for only one thing; another year of prosperity and happiness.

There are many Marrakech attractions that one can visit either before, on or after the New Year celebration. One of the most visited spots is Djemaa El-Fna (also called the Square of death) which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is the heart of Marrakech civilization with many musicians, storytellers, snake charmers, dancers and magicians keeping both locals and tourists entertained. There are also numerous food stalls where one can grab a variety of Moroccan indigenous dishes. You can also visit the souks, the medina, Koutobia Mosque, Dar Si Said Museum, Menara place, El Badi place, among others.

To taste a pure indigenous stay, you can book into one of the many riads in Marrakech. The riads are strategically located close to the souks or at the heart of the Marrakech medina. Architectural designs, decorations and rates vary from one riad to another. Those travelling with children will find a New Year Celebration in Marrakech fulfilling, fun-filled and memorable.


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