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Erfoud Date Festival, Morocco

Moroccans rejoice at almost anything that spice up their lives. Date harvesting time is one of the most important periods on a Moroccan calendar. The Erfoud date festival in Morocco is an occasion of its kind characterized by eating, drinking Moroccan tea and merrymaking, motivated by one significant factor; celebrating another bountiful date harvest.

Erfoud dates

The Erfoud date festival is a three-day carnival held in Erfoud town every October, just after the date harvest. It is one of the most popular events in Morocco and attracts thousands of happy local farmers and visitors who rejoice for another successful season and plenty date harvest. Most inhabitants of Erfoud town rely on date farming as their sole source of livelihood, and have close to one million date palm trees.

Erfoud town is alleviated to a stage where beautiful music is played, people gracefully dance while having fun. Tourists can familiarize themselves with unique traditional dances that might take just a little time to master. Furthermore, visitors cannot afford to miss the dromedary race. On a walk around the town, you will spot the photogenic locals harvesting the dates, spreading them to dry and the donkeys ferrying the dates from the farms; it is just amazing!.

There are various hotels in Erfoud where visitors can stay during the date festival. One of the best places and recommended hotels in Erfoud is Kasbah hotel which is strategically located, has spacious rooms and beautiful decors. Others include Chez Tonton, Auberge Derkoua Chez Michel, Belere hotel, among others. Not many people would think about appreciating seemingly simple things in life, like harvesting dates. But the Erfoud date festival is different, and attendants have to worry about one main thing; celebrate another date harvest.



Mike R
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 12:28:00 PM
Nice article!. I wish i can go there one day, the experience is worth it.

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